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Our story


Mum and I always knew that we’d set up a business together, but never dreamt it would be cake!  Truth be told, we fancied ourselves as specialist event planners; intimate weddings, baby showers, high end children’s parties, that type of thing.

The whole cake caboodle came about by chance really.  I decided that I wanted to set a family tradition of making birthday cakes for my girls.  Then Mum decided to try her hand at cupcakes for a family christening.

We became fascinated by all the wonderful things that could be modelled in sugarpaste, and devilishly tempted by the countless combinations of mouthwatering fillings and sponges.  Being creative ladies at heart, we loved the idea of bringing our own designs to life and creating truly edible art.  To say we were hooked, is an understatement.

To learn more about technique, we got a few courses under our belt, and when we felt confident enough, we offered our services to family and friends.

Friends became friends of friends, and we haven’t looked back since.

We officially launched Coco Fleur in 2013; making it our mission to provide great looking, great tasting cakes.  We only hope you enjoy eating them, as much as we enjoy making them!